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I have been using my glasses for everyday vision and for walking for a few months and they are fabulous. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making sure that they were right. It’s the best fit I have ever had since my glaucoma.


Your prescription for my new reading glasses is a life saver. They are enabling me to continue my household duties and accounting, thereby retaining my independence. Thank you!


Dr. Freeman, you have changed my life.

When I first had my two strokes at age 31 my world changed and so did my vision.

Suddenly my surroundings became very narrow and frightening. I had vision loss on the right side of both eyes. Everything around me became a sort of threat. If I went to a store, people would appear on my right side out of nowhere. I would scrape along things on the right that I did not see. Boxes, shelves, door knobs etc. I even walked into people on the right, causing surprise and embarrassment on my part. They had no idea I could not see them and neither did I. I was suffering from double vision too. This in turn increased my fear of leaving the house.

 I was referred to you to see what could be done for my vision. After being evaluated, tested and questioned about all aspects of my visual disability, we discussed what recommendation you would make to help me regain a major part of my vision. We began exercises to increase my ability to have my eyes work together. This was a tremendous help to my double vision. When my eyes started to work together again a large part of my dizziness stopped. That in itself was a blessing.

 The next component of my evaluation was working with prisms on or in my glasses. A removable prism was placed on the right side of my glasses, and I was asked to evaluate it for a week to see if the prism would be of value to me. From the very first moment I looked through my glasses with the prism, my life began to change. I became more aware of my surrounding. (I didn't know Dr. Freeman's assistant Michelle was standing there... I never saw that chair there before...) my visual field was immediately widened. It was not a case of my peripheral vision being restored; it was widening my existing visual field in such a way that I could see movement and know someone was there. I could see the boxes or the shelves or the door knobs, things I was not aware of. You taught me to more freely scan the area I was walking into. Now this time I had a good idea of what to expect. Although my visual field is not restored, my awareness is increased. I am no longer fearful of walking into a strange environment. I know that I can trust what I see. I am a little less dependent on having someone always around me to run interference for me. I have actually gone to a portion of a store that I am familiar with all by myself. What a feeling of freedom. I am so pleased to be more independent and more trusting of what I see. I know my vision will never be 100% normal but because of you Dr. Freeman, my "new normal "vision is more than I ever could have hoped for.


I had to write to let you know how pleased I am with the special glasses you prescribed for me. Everything on TV is sharp and clear. What a wonderful improvement to what I was seeing. Before I got my new glasses, and special light, which I can actually wear, I couldn’t see the lines on my checks. With these new visual aids, I can now write on the line and my checks are readable again. So thank you Dr. Freeman and Michelle for all the help.



Before going to see you, I was struggling to read print, including my church hymnal. I felt depressed and like a “second class citizen” with no independence. On a bus trip I met another individual who had a low vision device for reading and decided that I, too, wanted to continue reading without the struggle I had been facing. After my initial evaluation with you, and my follow-up appointments, I was able to explore devices based on what would and would not fit into my life style. I found that the Amigo was the best fit for me and I was instantly able to use it to read. Being able to do this makes me feel like a new person! This gave me self-confidence again and I now have new found independence! Thank you!


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